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Jon Rojas

Lessons Learned: 355 - Kate Lanz

Podcast1 min read


  • Brains are as unique as fingerprints
  • "Male" brain: input in > focused action out
  • "Female" brain: emergent and iterative problem solving (high emotional intelligence)
  • Our brains have 2 dominant modes
    • 1: survive (when we are under threat, you’ll be put in defense mode) - tiring, can’t be as effective as we want to be
    • 2: thrive (you are safe, allows the prefrontal cortex to do well) - endless energy
  • RICH model
    • R - recognition; what can you recognize from the individual’s contribution?
    • I - Intention; where is the conversation going?
    • C - Challenge; what’s the challenge plus a solution
    • H - Hope; switch on the dopamine section of the brain
  • When teams trust their leader, they are 80% more engaged
  • The thing that defines a company’s culture is the worst behavior that is tolerated within the culture